Strengthening The Body’s Defense A Revolutionary Protocol For Preserving Your Total Well Being

Stellar Immunity is an innovative treatment that combines the latest advances in molecular science with a blend of supplemental nutrients. This proprietary treatment augments your immune system so it can help defend itself against viral infections. As Dr. Motykie likes to say, “The best offense is a good defense.”

The main purpose of the Stellar Immunity Treatment is to assist your immune system in preventing a mild infection from developing into a serious, life-threatening disease. Active in the Stellar Immunity treatment is human connective tissue allograft, which helps repair damaged tissue, as well as key compounds such as ascorbic acid, Stellar vitamin complex, and zinc chloride, which help roll back the clock on aging.


“Dr. Motykie exceeded my expectations. I am beyond thrilled! It's been six months and my results look amazing! I am not one to write reviews, but I met many of the top surgeons in LA and I am so happy I chose Dr. Motykie. He didn't try to upsell me. He was kind and extremely skilled. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He is the best!”

Kams J.

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How does the immune system work?

Have you ever wondered why some people that have a cold get extremely sick while other people don’t even get so much as a sniffle? The answer is that the severity of a viral infection depends upon the current strength of your immune system. 

All immune systems start out similar, but they go on to develop at different rates, depending on our own unique exposure to various pathogens (i.e., bacteria, viruses). When you are young, your immune system is very robust but also immature, which is why many doctors advocate for vaccines that expose you to various potential disease-causing pathogens. Adults, on the other hand, have “acquired” immunity to many different pathogens that they have encountered over their lifetime. Unfortunately, stress, environmental toxins, poor nutrition, and the natural aging process all begin to slowly weaken our immune systems.

What do stem cells have to do with the immune system?

Stem cells are critically important in terms of regulating and supervising your immune responses. When you are exposed to an invading pathogen, your immune system is dependent upon stem cells to help generate your own internal army of protective cells to combat the infection. Without the help of stem cells, your immune system can become paralyzed, which makes you more susceptible to allowing a minor infection to develop into a deadly situation.

This is the reason why older patients, who have much fewer stem cells than younger patients, can die from the same viral infection that would only cause a minor cold in a youth. If you suddenly lost all the stem cells in your body, within a few months, you would have almost no immune system, and you would be defenseless against any type of infection.


The Strategic Battle Against Disease

What is the Stellar Immunity IV?

The Stellar Immunity IV contains a combination of human connective tissue allograft as well as a proprietary blend of biological nanoparticles, antioxidants, and nutrients that are intended to boost and fortify the immune response. Human connective tissue allograft is known to be more robust and active than adult stem cells. All human biological material is pre-screened and is held to International Blood Bank Standards before they are ever cleared for use in patients.

Human connective tissue allograft (made of growth factors that are by-products of stem cells from the Wharton’s Jelly of the umbilical cord) is also immunologically immature, and because it is unrecognized by your own immune system, it is not rejected when introduced into your body. The cells also do not permanently implant into your own tissues; they are gradually removed from your body over time.

Can the Stellar Immunity Protocol be used to fight Coronavirus?

Due to the infancy of this field of medicine, no one can yet guarantee the immediate overall effects of an intravenous stem cell treatment. However, the overall growth factors and immunomodulatory properties of stem cells can cause no harm, and their potential positive effects should not be underestimated. It has recently been reported that stem cells have been used successfully to treat the Coronavirus due to their ability to counteract the mechanisms that are causing the most serious virus-induced lung damage.

According to experts in the field, intravenous stem cells are first filtered by the patient’s lungs, where they act to preserve and repair normal lung tissue. The stem cells are thought to achieve this by recruiting and activating native stem cells to prevent immune system over-activation, promote lung tissue repair, decrease lung scarring, and improve long-term recovery of normal lung function.

In any field of medicine, doctors should always try to treat the patient and not the disease. This has never been truer than using stem cells to boost your own innate immune system. As with any good medical treatment, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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Protecting The Body’s Core Systems

What are the advantages?

  • Boost your own internal immunity to help protect against invading viruses
  • Possible reduction of the duration and severity of a viral illness
  • Possible reduced recovery times for internal tissue injury
  • Stimulation of your own stem cell bioactivity by direct cell communication
  • Internal anti-aging advantages to help prepare yourself for future attacks on your immune system
  • Increased signaling molecules and growth factors, promotion of cell repair, and improved monitoring of the immune system
  • Additional support of immune health with high-grade, potent supplementation of essential vitamins and nutrients

Who makes a good candidate for Stellar Immunity?

In today’s highly toxic world, almost everyone struggles to maintain optimal health and well being.

Clients who are undergoing surgical procedures may gain strong advantages from Stellar Immunity, which could help them to fight off pathogens during recovery, a time when they may be especially vulnerable. Others may simply wish to fortify themselves against a world that is increasingly prone to viruses.


A World Class Physician And Innovator

Why choose Dr. Motykie?

Dr. Motykie’s avid interest in stem cells began several years ago as he became aware of their enormous reparative properties and anti-aging advantages. Over time his passion for this area of medicine grew and he joined a national team of investigators studying the use of stem cells in treating aesthetic conditions as well as chronic diseases.

Today, Dr. Motykie has created several revolutionary protocols using adipose-derived stem cells and human connective tissue allografts that can truly revive you from the inside out. After graduating with an undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering, Dr. Gary Motykie, board-certified plastic surgeon, received his Doctorate in Medicine from Northwestern University in Chicago. He then continued to hone his abilities in plastic surgery at the University of Texas. Today he has a thriving medical practice in both Beverly Hills, CA and Barrington Hills, IL.

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