Repair And Recovery Using Stem Cells To Speed Up Healing

Dr. Motykie uses your own adult stem cells (MSCs) in every Stellar Recovery IV. Fat has an abundant source of mesenchymal stem cells. MSCs are multipotent and can form bone, cartilage, muscle, nerve tissue, blood vessels, and connective tissue. These cells respond to appropriate cytokine signals released from tissue injury, inflammation, degeneration, disease, or cell death. This means expedited recovery post-procedure.

Dr. Motykie is excited to offer his clients the Stellar Recovery IV as part of your in-depth follow-up, knowing that your need for quality care extends long after you leave the office. Stellar Recovery helps your immune system by speeding up healing to fight off mild infections. For patients with a compromised immune system, this IV could really make a huge difference in your post-procedure experience.

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What are nanoparticles?

Nanoparticles are key messengers in stem cell signaling pathways. They can't proliferate (multiply, divide, or reproduce) but they enable enhanced communication between stem cells and your immune system. Nanoparticles are used regularly in our protocols to help augment the positive effects of stem cells.

“Dr. Motykie’s practice is founded on the principles of innovation, integrity, and precision.”

Fortifying And Strengthening The Immune Response

What is the Stellar Recovery Protocol?

This IV is delivered post-surgery to speed up healing. Overall wellbeing is initiated in its purest form.

How do stem cells affect recovery?

Overall, the three main functions of stem cells are to introduce growth factors, repair tissue, and monitor the immune response. Stem cells accomplish these functions through a combination of self-replication and cell-to-cell signaling to recruit an army of helper cells. 

Stem cells also have a built-in “homing” system that allows them to preferentially target sites within your body that are damaged or infected. Upon reaching the site of injury, the stem cells become “activated” and begin releasing signaling molecules called nanoparticles.

How do nanoparticles contribute to the fight against disease?

The secretion of nanoparticles by stem cells is akin to them being miniature doctors inside our bodies that prescribe the correct medicines in the correct amount at the correct time. The released nanoparticles also help modulate the immune response as well as recruit local stem cells already present in the targeted tissue to join in the fight.

This ingenious cascade of self-replication, local cell recruitment, secretion of nanoparticles, and immunomodulation all help to prevent a minor infection from escalating out of control as well as assisting the recovery process. Therefore, stem cells play an essential role in our survival and recuperation from any serious viral threat.

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“I want to thank everyone here for making me feel so comfortable and addressing the concerns I had with my recovery. I was treated royally, and I am so pleased with my progress following my procedure. That is what I look for in a doctor's office.”

Aaron C.

Superior Aftercare Reimagined

What are the advantages of the Stellar Recovery Protocol?

  • Boosts your own internal immunity to help protect against invading viruses
  • Possible reduction of the duration and severity of a viral illness
  • Possible reduced recovery times of internal injury to tissues
  • Stimulation of your own stem cell bioactivity by direct cell communication
  • Internal anti-aging advantages to prepare yourself for future attacks on your immune system
  • Increased signaling molecules and growth factors to promote cell repair and modulate the immune system
  • Additional support of immune health with high-grade, potent supplementation of essential vitamins and nutrients

Who makes a good candidate for the Stellar Recovery Protocol?

If you have undergone a surgical procedure and are searching for ways to speed up your recovery time, look no further than our stem cell-enhanced recuperation protocol.

It is ideal for anyone concerned about their immune system’s ability to fight off illness post-op and is also excellent for anyone who wishes to obtain anti-aging advantages while they recover from their procedure.


“Dr. Motykie is excited to offer his clients the Stellar Recovery IV as part of your in-depth follow-up, knowing that your need for quality care extends long after you leave the office.”

An Anti-aging Pioneer

Why choose Dr. Motykie?

Dr. Motykie’s practice is founded on the principles of innovation, integrity, and precision. Over the past few years, Dr. Motykie has developed an avid interest in the potential of using stem cells for aesthetic and anti-aging solutions. He is now part of a national team of investigators that study the use of stem cells in treating both cosmetic conditions and chronic diseases.

Using both adipose-derived stem cells and human connective tissue allograft, he has developed unique proprietary protocols that fight the effects of aging with beautifully natural results. He's excited to offer clients access to this new exciting frontier in modern cosmetic science.

Dr. Gary Motykie is a board-certified plastic surgeon who received his Doctorate in Medicine from Northwestern University in Chicago after completing an undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering. He further honed his skill set in plastic surgery at the University of Texas and currently practices in Beverly Hills, CA, and Barrington Hills, IL.

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