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Have you ever wondered what plastic surgery might be like in the future? Will recovery be faster? Could surgery be almost scarless? Well, wonder no more,  the future of anti-aging and aesthetics has arrived. Welcome to Stellar Plastic Surgery.

While most traditional plastic surgical procedures incorporate the concepts of reshaping and rejuvenation, they often fail to embrace the concept of cellular repair, which is essential for recovery after surgery. Simply put, cellular repair is at the core of the human body’s natural ability to regrow tissue when it is damaged by trauma or disease. If we could somehow isolate, harness, and enhance our bodies’ own reparative abilities, we could then utilize the process to speed up recovery and enhance the results from any surgical procedure. Stellar Plastic Surgery is achieving this all-important mission.


“I had my second surgery with Dr. Motykie and am one-week post-op today! Everything went so smoothly. His staff is super attentive and made sure I was prepared for surgery. It's definitely worth waiting for an appointment because Dr. Motykie does excellent work.”

Lauren-Ashleigh C.

Transforming Post-operative Expectations

All contemporary surgical procedures are still accompanied by typical post-operative swelling, bruising, and inflammation, commonly known as “downtime” because you often cannot return to your normal daily routines until you look and feel “presentable” again.

Although our bodies need some time to heal, what if surgery could be designed with minimal downtime in mind so that you could resume your customary lifestyle more quickly? This is exactly what the Stellar Procedures  and treatments have been specifically designed to do. We now know that stem cells are behind the body’s ability to repair itself after surgery.

Science proves that stem cells possess the innate ability to replace tissue that has been damaged by aging, trauma, or disease. The primary aim of every Stellar Plastic Surgery Procedure is to harness the reparative power of your body’s own cells to go to work for you.

The Origin Of Well-being

The next question patients often ask is where do we get the stem cells for the Stellar Procedures? Since stem cells are naturally present in every tissue of the human body, a readily accessible and expendable type of tissue would be the ideal source of viable stem cells. As it so happens, we all already possess a perfect, untapped reservoir of stem cells: our fat.

Stem cells from fat possess the ability to repair other tissue types such as skin, hair, muscle, blood vessels, and nerves. These fat-derived stem cells can be harvested from anywhere on the body, then reinjected into the site of your surgical procedure or other desired targets of rejuvenation anywhere on your body.

A Revolution In Anti-aging

What if it was possible to utilize your harvested stem cells to prevent or reverse the signs of aging at a cellular level? Since aging has been linked to chronic inflammation or “inflammaging”, stem cells may hold the key to eventually addressing the root cause of aging itself. The Stellar Protocols have taken this into consideration and allowed you the option to have your stem cells banked (frozen/cryopreserved) for your own personal use at any time in the future.

As the world of reparative medicine continues to rapidly advance, the potential benefits of having your stem cells banked could prove to be your best investment over your lifetime. Taking all of the above into consideration, it only makes sense why so many patients are choosing to make their next procedure a Stellar one.

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Towards The Stellar Standard Of Excellence

Stem cells are the building blocks that possess the ability to dampen inflammatory responses because of their anti-inflammatory growth factors. Administering these intravenously during your recovery period aims to potentially reduce the amount of “downtime” you would typically expect from any surgical procedure. Adding your own fat-derived stem cells to any traditional plastic surgery procedure is what makes that surgical procedure Stellar.

What is Dr. Motykie’s core philosophy?

Dr. Motykie’s primary mission is to offer superior care to his patients. He prioritizes their health, their happiness with their procedure, and their long-term well-being. To achieve this end, he pursues several courses of action both within and outside the office. The first is to listen carefully to each client’s goals, wishes, and concerns during an in-depth consultation. 

Honesty and transparency are the cornerstones of Dr. Motykie’s practice. The second way that Dr. Motykie ensures the utmost patient satisfaction is by constantly expanding his professional repertoire, pursuing cutting-edge techniques, and acquiring world-class, state-of-the-art equipment. By staying ahead of current cosmetic trends, Dr. Motykie is able to empower his clients to make the best choices for their future.

Challenging The Status Quo

Why choose Dr. Motykie?

Dr. Gary Motykie is a consummate board-certified plastic surgeon practicing in Beverly Hills, CA, and Barrington Hills, IL. After earning his undergraduate degree in the challenging field of biomedical engineering, he went on to receive his Doctorate in Medicine from Northwestern University in Chicago. He then further honed his skills and artistry in plastic surgery at the prestigious University of Texas.

Dr. Motykie has been featured in articles in the New York Times, LA Times, and Wall Street Journal and has appeared on the E! Channel’s Dr. 90201, The Doctors, Celebrity Plastic Surgery, Dr. Phil, MTV, VH1, EXTRA, ACCESS Hollywood, and the Discovery Channel’s Plastic Surgery: Before & After. He continues to work as a lecturer, author, mentor, and teacher around the globe, giving back to the community through the wealth of expertise and knowledge he has accumulated over the decades.


“Dr. Motykie is thrilled to offer his clients a front seat at the arena where modern cosmetic treatments are rapidly evolving.”

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