A Groundbreaking Approach To Skin Health

Emerging New Technologies In The Field Of Anti-aging

The Stellar Non-Surgical Facial merges exclusive, scientifically advanced Stellar Skincare products with a proprietary blend of ingredients and human connective tissue allograft, harnessing new technologies to repair damaged skin and slow the effects of aging. 

Dr. Motykie employs the assistance of donor human connective tissue allograft, biological nanoparticles, collagens, proteins, cytokines, growth factors, elastin, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, and peptides, which all combine to deliver a radiant, supple, and glowing complexion that telegraphs youth and vivacity.

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“Using sophisticated, cutting edge technology and consummate skill, Dr. Motykie has been able to fuse the reparative properties of human growth factors and medical-grade skincare products, creating a powerful solution for wrinkles, fine lines, creases, and furrows.”

What is the Stellar Facial?

The Stellar Non-Surgical Facial represents a groundbreaking innovation within the field of facial aesthetics. It transforms and replenishes, slowing the effects of the aging process while replacing damaged, compromised cells. As your skin's ability to repair slows with age, the integrity of your skin’s inner and outer layers becomes compromised.

The skin begins to thin, which leads to visible sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles. Using sophisticated, cutting-edge technology and consummate skill, Dr. Motykie has been able to fuse the reparative properties of stem cells and Stellar skincare products, creating a powerful solution for age-related facial flaws.

The Stellar Facial helps increase skin elasticity and stimulates the regrowth of new collagen through increased cellular communication. What’s more, this treatment can be performed anywhere on the body to treat scars, discoloration, uneven skin tone, or stretch marks.

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The Science What kind of stem cells do we use and where do they come from?

Dr. Motykie employs stem cells derived from structural Wharton’s Jelly in the umbilical cord. Every donor is carefully screened, and rigorous protocols and testing are performed.

In each Stellar treatment, millions of stem cells are deployed into the skin. The purpose of introducing these cells is to trigger the production of elastin and collagen and anything the skin may need to thrive. Because the stem cells are biologic, alive, and constantly adapting to their environment, they can live for an indefinite amount of time, giving you long-term added volume as well as tissue integrity.

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“I would like to thank this clinic for changing my life! I feel great, more motivated and I'm very happy with my looks. Everyone is very pleasant and helpful. I totally recommend him with all his years of experience.”

Soila P.

Exponential Cellular Repair

What are the advantages?

  • Reduction of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Added volume to all areas of the face
  • Contouring, lifting, and facial shaping
  • Dramatic increase in hydration levels
  • Reduction of under-eye puffiness and hollowness
  • Improves overall quality, tone, texture, complexion, vibrancy, and glow

Who is a good candidate for our stem cell enhanced Stellar Non-Surgical Facial?

If you are tired of tolerating a dull complexion with marked signs of aging, our cutting-edge Stellar Facial can help jumpstart your beauty regimen and send your confidence soaring. If you are excited by the possibility of not just covering up blemishes but actually achieving deep cellular repair, then our proprietary skincare protocols may be just the solution you’re looking for.


An Anti-aging Luminary

Why choose Dr. Motykie?

As part of a national team of investigators that currently studies the use of stem cells in treating aging as well as various chronic diseases, Dr. Motykie is at the forefront of cutting-edge cosmetic science. He has created several innovative aesthetic solutions using adipose-derived stem cells and human connective tissue allograft. Dr. Motykie is excited to share his passion for revolutionary treatments with patients in and around Beverly Hills, CA, and Barrington Hills, IL.

Dr. Gary Motykie is a board-certified plastic surgeon who received his Doctorate in Medicine from Northwestern University in Chicago. He also trained in plastic surgery at the University of Texas and received his undergraduate degree in the complex field of biomedical engineering.

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