Infused Vitality Stimulating New Growth With The Stellar Hair Protocol

The Stellar Hair treatment uses a combination of strategic needling techniques, scalp infusion, and microinjections throughout the hair with stem cells. Our proprietary blend of biological nanoparticles, organic antioxidants, naturally derived vitamins and minerals, and your own stem cells jumpstarts premium hair repair, increasing your satisfaction with your appearance and giving you that all-important extra boost in self-confidence.

Dr. Motykie designed the Stellar Hair Protocol to increase blood supply to the hair follicles, promote hair thickness and repair, decrease hair loss, and maintain healthy hair growth phases. The stem cells used help to trigger the body’s natural reparative powers, combating the negative effects of aging and stress. Dr. Motykie is excited to offer the Stellar Hair treatment as part of his ongoing commitment to cutting-edge cosmetic solutions tailored to your needs.

“Dr. Motykie’s interest in stem cells became a deep passion as he realized their reparative and anti-aging qualities.”

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What causes hair loss?

Hair loss of the face and scalp affects 90% of males and females during the aging process. Hair loss is usually caused by several factors in addition to aging, such as poor genes, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, and auto-immune diseases.

What is the Stellar Hair Treatment?

Understanding the frustration and dissatisfaction many patients experience when they begin losing hair, Dr. Motykie has created a hair restoration treatment. This innovative solution immediately introduces growth factors and your own adult stem cells to the scalp. A controlled time release of collagen, amino acids, cytokines, hyaluronic acid, and MSCs brings new life to the hair follicles.

Stellar Hair Restoration is a treatment option for both men and women to decrease hair loss by providing immediate nutrition, increasing blood supply, prolonging growth cycles, thickening hair follicles, enhancing vibrancy and hair color, and repairing supporting tissues. This protocol is truly a one-of-a-kind elixir of youth and vitality.

“After years of research, I had my consultation with Dr. Motykie yesterday, and I can't describe how happy I am to have finally found a Cosmetic Surgeon who takes the time, genuinely cares, and is interested in learning more about some of my history with surgical experiences and challenges through the years, in hopes to be very clear and communicative about my needs and desires.  Developing a strong relationship and good communication with your surgeon is extremely important, and I feel confident that this is a surgeon who will provide that.”

Kimberly P.

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The Science

What are stem cells, and how do they work?

Using stem cells in cosmetic treatments has become a major trend of late thanks to their unique ability to mitigate tissue damage and jumpstart reparative cell functions. The three main functions of stem cells are to introduce growth factors, repair tissue, and regulate immune response. They self-replicate and communicate to other cells, signaling them to help in fighting off a current threat. Once they’ve reached a damaged area, they then begin releasing nanoparticles, tiny messengers that wake up the immune system.

Enhanced Form And Function

What are the advantages of the treatment?

  • Increased blood supply
  • Increased shaft size of every follicle
  • Maintains and prolongs the growth phase
  • Decreases hair loss (falling out)
  • Stimulates new hair growth
  • Enhances color and vibrancy
  • Introduces complete nutrition to the scalp for optimal hair health

Who is a good candidate for the Stellar Hair Protocol?

Anyone who has tried traditional methods of addressing hair loss and has found them insufficient may want to consider Dr. Motykie’s premium reparative hair treatments using stem cells from your own body. While hair loss may have different origins for different people, our proprietary protocol can help to reverse baldness and offer you a new, improved self-image.

“Understanding the frustration and dissatisfaction many patients experience when they begin losing hair, Dr. Motykie has created a hair restoration treatment utilizing the reparative abilities of adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells.”

Why choose Dr. Motykie?

A Veteran In The Fight Against Aging

Dr. Gary Motykie obtained his undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering, subsequently pursuing a Doctorate in Medicine at Northwestern University in Chicago. He then went on to further refine his skill set in plastic surgery at the University of Texas. Today, Dr. Motykie practices in Beverly Hills, CA, and Barrington Hills, IL. Dr. Motykie’s interest in stem cells became a deep passion as he slowly realized their reparative and anti-aging qualities. Over time, he developed his unique proprietary protocols for rejuvenating tired, dull, and wrinkle-ridden complexions.

He utilizes both adipose-derived stem cells and human connective tissue allograft in creating customized treatments that offer his clients stunningly natural results. Dr. Motykie is part of a national team of investigators that currently study the use of stem cells in anti-aging treatments as well as those designed to combat chronic diseases. He's excited to share this wonderful new frontier in modern cosmetic science with you.

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